Day 18

Today I worked on setting up and processing a set of eco prints. This process is similar to dyeing a piece of fabric, but it is supposed to leave marks from the vegetation used on the fabric. The items that I used to dye today were rose leaves, onion skins, and tea.

To start, I used pieces of silk and wool that had been soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar overnight. I then laid a piece out on the table and placed the leaves that I would be using on the piece of fabric. 

After everything was laid out, I tightly wrapped the fabric onto a wood or metal rod and then tied it into place. There are beads tied to the end of this string to indicate which piece of fabric is which. 

After all of the pieces were prepared, they were placed in a vat of boiling water and vinegar, and a piece of rusty metal and onion skins were added to deepen the color that the fabric would be dyed. This mixture boiled for 2.5 hours.


I had to leave before we were able to open up the fabrics, but I will include updates when I get to see the results. 


2 thoughts on “Day 18

    1. Yes, the rusted iron and onion skins were meant to deepen the colors that we would end up with. The lesson that this was taken from does not go into much more detail than that at this point.

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