How I plan to train Bella

When I just started to volunteering at the shelter they paired me up with Bella. She’s quite strong and she is a bit of a dominant dog. She is known to have issues with other dogs and she has started some fights, so obviously she’s going to need a muzzle. I think that with her she is just going to need a lot of time to get used to other dogs and hopefully relax into it. If not then we can go towards another common method where you kind of distract your dog to push his attention elsewhere and both dogs inch closer and closer. This is know to calm the dogs more then we can walk them parallel with each other where they won’t be focused on attack mode. After this we’d ideally like to put Bella on a long leash and have her get to know the other dogs.

Some side notes are that I’ll have a really friendly dog to start the relationship so we can prevent dog fighting. I have to find what this dog like whether its a tugging toy or food or a prey kind of toy, it depends on Bella and what she chooses to click with.


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