Progress Update

The last week has been pretty slow, but we have managed to take the habitable zone and show it visually, because just the numbers themselves mean very little to most people. We have also iterated our program through all the stars that we have data for and have successfully calculated the habitable zone for all the stars within 10 parsecs. The next step that we have to take is to add some sort of menu to our visual so that it is easier to change from star to star, because currently it is necessary to enter the numbers by hand. Below are some of the visuals that we have made so far.

Proxima cen
The small yellow dot is the sun(to scale) while the blue lines indicate the boundaries of the habitable zone.

This visual is a great demonstration of what I mean when I say that the numbers do not mean a whole lot by themselves. At first glance this habitable zone looks very similar to that of other stars. However when you look at the next visual which shows the zone in comparison to the orbit of Earth, you can see that the zone is actually quite small, which is a bit difficult to immediately understand from the first visual. Because of this, our visual will usually include the orbit of the Earth so that there is something to reference that people will have a bit more experience with.

Proxima cen w Earth
This visual is the same as the last, except that in this one the Earth’s orbit is shown in red.
Our Sun
The blue lines are still the inner and outer edges of habitable zone. The green line is the Earth’s orbit. The red line is orbit of Mars. The brown line is the orbit of Venus. As you can see Mars is inside the habitable zone, while Venus is not.

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