Update: Training method #1 about leash pulling

So, tomorrow I start the training and I get to go back to my internship. We are going to start with Bella or Penny who are both really really energetic on the leash. They do not listen to any commands and they pull on the leash. These are both really good dogs, but to help them out on the adoption side I’d like to train them to stop pulling as if they are Alaskan sleigh dogs. First, I am going to dive right in and work with Penny. I spent quite some time getting to know her, so I will be able to understand her better than Bella. Nonetheless, I want to take Penny to the play area in the hope that she’ll get a bit tired out and I have to teach her how to sit and stay. After we have those down then I’ll put her on a leash. Let’s see if she starts to get fidgety and changes moods. I don’t want to use choke chains or prong collars just because I would rather take the less aggressive approach.

The whole idea is that this method takes a lot of patience but we’ll see how they react. What I have to teach the dog is to maintain eye contact and to be able to focus and this will be achieved by making penny sit down and know the task at hand. She has to learn to sit then have her focus on me then she can walk at my pace. When she starts to want to pull take her back a few steps and pull her attention back to me. The key is for me to stop her before she even starts to pull. Another thing is that while we are walking she may see something and get distracted. I have to move in front of her to get their attention then I’ll move to the side so she can see the distraction but still have her attention on you.




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