Day 19 

Today I was back at Janet’s studio, and I learned how to hand appliqué. Appliqué is a technique by which small pieces of fabric are sewn ontop of a larger piece of fabric to form an image. 

I first chose a pattern from a selection of appliqué books. I then cut pattern pieces from a water soluble stabilizer. This stabilizer will make it easier to sew the pieces onto the piece of fabric, but will dissolve when the piece is soaked in water so that the block can be softened once it is finished. 

After the pattern pieces were cut, I glued them to the fabric I was using for each piece with a little bit of fabric glue. I then cut the fabric out, about a quarter inch larger than the template. I then went around each pattern piece and glued the excess fabric onto the back of the pattern piece. 

Next, the pattern pieces were positioned onto the block according to the pattern. From there I used a whipstitch to secure the pieces in place. 

My current block is pictured below, I will be finishing it up in the next couple of days. You may notice that the leaves are different from the pattern, I changed their shape to make them easier to secure. 


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