Day 25- I Can’t Think of a Clever Title

Day 25- I Can’t Think of a Clever Title

CQuote of the Day- “This is some Freshman-level programming” -Alex, helping Amanda on her javascript course

Music of the Day- Volbeat. I continue to slowly become a metalhead. Although I’d qualify Volbeat as more of hard rock.

Back after my (unplanned) 3 day weekend, I continued my work on modularizing powerups. After brainstorming over the weekend, I began by splitting off parts of the shield powerup. Basically I made a class attached to the player called “PlayerPickupTimers” that handles the timing and removal of the powerup. The powerup itself gives the player the correct properties, sets everything up, then passes control over to that script, which times the powerup and removes it once the timer ends. It took some messing about to get everything working as intended, but in the end I got it to work as intended. 2 down, about 8 to go. Although 7 of those are ones that trigger off of random powerups.

Next on the list was super attacks, which increase the damage the bot does, along with giving it new fancy effects on their attacks. For example, Gizmo normally shoots little buzz saws, but when he has the super attack powerup he shoots giant saws of death that careen across the level and mow down anything in their path. Thankfully with this one I had the reference of shield, so it didn’t end up taking as long as shield had. What I did have to do though was copy over (and then modify for the individual call) this chunk of code 3 times:toggledmg.PNG

That’s zoomed out by the way. It’s about 50 lines. It was less of a challenge and more a tedious repetitive process. But in the end I got it working in much the same way as shield. it had a couple of bugs to iron out, but before I could get to them I was asked to work on a new Enemy script that would hold master control for all enemies, rather than having different values split into different scripts. It will also make formations far easier to create. I got it all consolidated, but have yet to start adding the other pieces of new functionality. I ended the day by signing things. These things:signed.jpg

These are thank you cards for all of the players at the various conventions. Each has a code for the game on it (blacked out in the bottom left), and each dev wrote a short note. Mine says “Timmy likes you – Freebie” and then my name. Freebie is my nickname around the office, if I haven’t mentioned it before. So all in all a pretty productive day.

If you’ve made it this far, come see the boy’s volleyball game against OV and Veritas and Wednesday. It’s at BASIS Oro Valley.


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