Week 3: Interning

For the office work side of my internship, I’ve had several tasks this week. I’ve continued to do data entry, logging volunteer hours for all the groups, and as the first quarter has come to an end, I’ve begun calculating different stats for the groups, such as attendance rate. I’ve also continued to audit the volunteer files to make sure everyone’s paperwork is in order.

My new project this week involves a program called memory beads, where kids can make a necklace that represents their journey with bereavement. There are different colored beads meant to represent different emotions and moments they may have experienced, and letters and numbers so they can spell out their special person’s name and date of death/diagnosis. It’s a really cool program that’s often used in classrooms and community groups as a form of immediate grief intervention when someone dies. Unfortunately, the person who ordered the beads didn’t check the size of the holes before they mixed them in, and now there are a bunch of beads that don’t fit on the string. My job is to check each individual bead and discard the ones that aren’t useable. It would be awful to find a bead that perfectly represented your struggle only to have it not fit on the string, so while this project is fairly tedious, I know it’s for a good cause. Also, there’s this horse painted on the wall that keeps me company.




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