Working with Unity and C#

To be able to make a Virtual Reality environment, I will be working with 3D software and in this case we will be using the widely used Unity 3D software. One of the cool features of Unity and the reason why we are using it is the ability to make Virtual Reality perspectives in it which is exactly what we are aiming to do. So far I have been able to have a little fun working with the physics and the game objects with the software and I have been able to make very simple environments, one of which is where you have a ball and you can move the ball with the arrow keys and pick up little square when you roll over them. Another really cool feature of Unity is the fact that you can program in scripts to the program which allows for freedom for the creator. For example, I had to program the scripts to be able to have the ball move based on keyboard inputs and for the camera to follow the ball as the it moved. As I have gotten deeper and deeper into this project, I am beginning to realize just how many programming languages there are and how each language has its advantages and disadvantages. So far I have had to learn python and java and now I have to learn C# for Unity scripts.


2 thoughts on “Working with Unity and C#

  1. Hey boy howdy would ya look at that. By the way scripting in C# in Unity is way easier than java (and I don’
    t like python either so it’s easier than python for me)

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    1. Yea, python was a pain. I initially wanted to use java in Unity because I was familiar with it but my adviser fittingly advised me to use C# for the reason you pointed out.


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