JG Week 6

The first cohort of rats is officially done with the mazes. Now we will be analyzing the data from the experiment. We moved those rats downstairs and transferred them to new cages because we will no longer be using them for behavioral studies. As for the second cohort of rats, they are learning on the Linear Track. Each rat trains for 30 minutes a day. The learning criteria for these rats is 1.5 laps per minute. They will require many more sessions to get to that point. So far they have only completed 9 sessions. At the beginning of the week, almost none of the rats were moving on the track, but now almost all of them are. They are slowly improving.


One thought on “JG Week 6

  1. Looks like you have been already learned a lot about research! When you analyze all the data you have been gathering, what are you going to be looking at, specifically? Will this research relate to the development of a drug or to give insight into how to shape human behavior or something else?


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