Day 26-Material Possession

Day 26-Material Possession

Quote of the Day- Can’t think of a good one

Music of the Day- Mix.

I spent much of today fixing bugs and undoing some poorly written pieces of code. I started by fixing leaderboards (again). Thankfully this time it was less of a fix and more of a slight tuning adjustment. Basically, when I first programmed them I made it so that your score was only uploaded to the Steam leaderboards if it was a local highscore. This was fine at that point, but since we’ve now started to reset the leaderboards every week, it means that the previous week’s leaders and winner are at a serious disadvantage, having to now beat their previous week’s score along with everyone else’s scores to win again.This is especially problematic for our early beta testers, who played the game when it was far easier and have absurdly high scores that are pretty much impossible to beat now (Buko hit 60 million at one point. By contrast the winner of last weeks leaderboard contest had 8 million).

All I did was move the upload call put from the conditional that checks for highscore, and all was well. I didn’t even have to add any code to make sure that the leaderboard was always keeping the highest score, not the most recent. Steam has an API call for that, so it’s all handled on their end, which while it wouldn’t have been a massive pain for me to code myself was still a welcome feature. Next up was to revert the consolidation change to the enemy script I made yesterday. I had misunderstood the intent, and instead of making a master enemy script that could spawn any enemy, I just mashed all the existing ones together. So I changed that back.

Then I started to make the actual change to enemies, beginning by making the gummy bears interchangeable based off of one prefab, rather than the 6 we had (one for each color). I just made a short piece of code that swaps the materials on the gummy bear randomly when it spawns, meaning that we consolidated down to just one gummy bear prefab that could be any one of the 6 colors, selected at random. Then it was back to the powerups. We had found a bug where if the player was sucked into a black hole with a shield on them, it would never be removed, meaning that if you got that (admittedly super rare) combo, you would be invincible until you quit the game. Not good. Thankfully, shield modularability helps to fix this issue.

Unfortunately, I had to edit my code around the already existing stuff, meaning that I reverted a whole ton of the progress I had made. I started moving in the right direction by the end of the day though, and I have a good game plan for tomorrow. Then it was off to the First volleyball matches of the season.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading. The volleyball team went 1-1, losing a close match to Veritas and beating BASIS OV.


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