Day 16: Mixing and Diversity

A different musician came in today, but not to record. He came in today to watch the mixing process on his songs. His music was primarily electronic music, so I got to see how a different genre affects how we mix the song.

We worked on a total of six songs over the course of the day. Mixing electronic music is different from the music that I have usually seen in that there is much more attention to detail when it comes to mixing electronic music. Generally speaking, there is a lot more open spaces for effects to come in and out of the song. Each synthesizer or drum track needs to come out every now and then, and the song needs to fill the space by being in a more stereo sounding setting.

The mixing process, while at times tedious because of how long it takes to work on a song, turned out to be a great learning experience. The lesson I got from this, on top of learning how to mix electronic music, is that different genres require different techniques.

While it sounds intuitive, it’s often lost in what defines a genre. Yes, different instruments, or different tones, or different tempos, all affect what kind of genre a song is, but with that comes how a song or album is treated.

Here is what mixing looked like.



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