Week 3.5: Books

Last night I had my last group on this week’s theme. Because of spring break, and because group was scheduled at the same time as the U of A game, attendance was low. This meant that we found ourselves looking for ways to fill time, as the questions went shorter than they normally would, and ended up spending a good 20 minutes drawing with the kids. This sort of unstructured time is often really good as it allows the kids to share freely without the same pressure that they might feel when asked a specific question in front of the group. One of the middle schoolers had experienced the recent loss of his grandmother, on top of the parental death that he was originally attending for, and he talked all through our drawing time about her life.

As far as my internship responsibilities, yesterday was a day of tying up all the loose ends. This included cleaning out a sandbox, restocking kleenex, data entry, and auditing our data system to make sure it matches the group rosters.

As I’ve begun to move ahead with writing my picture book, I “checked out” a bunch of examples from the Tu Nidito library. I’m looking forward to reading them today, and beginning to understand exactly how past authors have addressed this topic.



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