Day 28- Getting Down To It

Day 28- Getting Down To It

Quote of the Day: “You’re playing CS:GO with a controller? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!” -Me (Call me narcissistic if you want for making my own quote the quote of the day, but that is a fitting quote).

Music of the Day: I had some Sweet Emotion and Dreamed (Dreamt?) On. For those of you who don’t listen to classic rock, those are Aerosmith songs.

I came in a couple hours later than normal today, and hopped right into my powerups. I had an idea of what needed to be done, but the execution took some trial and error (both in the literal sense and the coding sense). If you remember from yesterday, I needed to make the timers function correctly when adding another powerup onto an existing one of the same type. I had almost had a working solution yesterday, only to be foiled in the twilight hour by very rare but very frustrating cases, especially to do with random powerups. So today I had to rethink my entire strategy. Long story short I did it.

Long story long, what I had been overlooking was that the other timers were still on, even if they weren’t tracking. That may sound like a non-issue, but because of the way that the code actually finds the timer, there is a very rare but still possible chance of finding the previous timer and using that. The solution was blissfully simple: once I had grabbed all the data from the previous powerup (the one who’s time needed to be added to the new one), just turn it off. So I did. I had to make another conditional for the random pickup, because the scripts are different, but in the end I got it to work just as intended. All that was left was to copy that over to every other powerup that used a timer. That being done, I had fully working, modular powerups. I got the satisfaction of moving the old “PUStates” script to the “Deprecated” folder. It was great.

I then went through and tested every single powerup with every single bot (and yes I mean every single one. I made a spreadsheet just so I could keep track of what I had and had not checked). I just wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat my achievement fiasco from early on. Thankfully, all was well. Then was the most painful part: transferring all of that stuff over to the main computer.

Unity has a handy “export” feature that lets you move selected items on your project to anywhere else in a condensed format. I exported all of the new stuff, along with all of the stuff I changed, and moved it onto the server. Then Jeremy grabbed it and imported it into the version of unity on the main computer, and… well things broke. But broke in a fixable way. I had to re-assign all of the objects that were on my build, and I had actually forgotten a couple of scripts in my transfer, mostly because I had only made one or two tiny changes in those scripts, so they slipped my mind. After about a half hour of sliding back and forth from my computer to the main one, I had everything working as intended. As I write this a build is being uploaded to steam with fixes and my modularity system included! Next week I will probably polish Timmy, Destroyer of Average-Sized Cities, and make him finalized and ready to be implemented. We have also been working hard on a bunch of fancy new features, which I can’t wait to see in action. Until next time!

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Have a wonderful weekend, and uh… don’t take any wooden nickels? That’s a thing people say right?



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