Week 7

This week, I met with my professor, Mark, and the U of A freshman once again. We discussed one article that the freshman read that week and input data into the file. It was a difficult article but we worked together and filled in some data. I also explained the articles I read last week; however, I explained to the Professor that I was confused on the article, Retrospective evaluation of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation as add-on treatment for Parkinson’s disease by Torres et al. This was because this article did not use a control group in the first place and so I was unsure on how to input all of the data. Because they did not use a control group, my professor told me that we had to exclude this article because it did not follow the criteria of having a sham group. However, she told me that the article was still important to mention in future articles publishing the data. After that, we went downstairs to take a look at the lab that was ready to be worked in. There were many desks inside the lab and I got to choose my seat so I could work there in the future.


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