Getting back to the Shelter

So this week has been very special and eventful because I am finally able to officially return to my internship. I have been riding the bus and getting to know the bus system which is a new added bonus to my whole SRP experience. Nonetheless, I went to the shelter and I was happy to find out that a lot has happened. The pit bull that was blind in one eye was adopted by a lovely couple and so was a kitten. We got a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy named Travis. He is so adorable! The cat that looked like Frankenstein has healed and she is getting close to normal and she’s no longer in pain. Another interesting thing is that there was a female dog that was terrified of everyone and she’d bark whevener she saw anyone. She’s been getting comfortable with people, but she’s still a bit scared. Her name is Lady and she is very food driven so when I took her for a walk she would be immediately next to my side. She was very cautious as to other dogs, but she would let me pet her. I noticed that when I suddenly stand up or hold eye contact for a bit too long she runs away as fast as she can. For every movement that I made I had to make sure that she saw it as well. I asked if she’s ever bitten anyone but they all said no. She tends to just run away. But I know that a scared dog has flip into an aggressive dog within the split of a second, so I make sure she is not as jittery with me. Another huge sigh of discomfort is that she would always have her tail between her legs. For the entire time she was outside she had her tail down, so I want to make her as comfortable as possible. The ladies that worked there also told me that one day a bunch of kids came to volunteer and she absolutely loved them. She was wagging her tail and wanting for them to pet her.




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