Star Menu and Interesting Results

Yesterday I was able to get a menu up and running (pictured below) to make it easier to switch the visual from one star to another. The menu lists the name of the star, the spectral type, the parallax, and the B and V magnitudes. While these are not labeled yet, I am hoping to do so in the next few days. I also intend to add sorting functionality (sort by distance, brightness, spectral type, etc).star menu

While I was looking through some of the stars , I came across something quite interesting. While the boundaries of the habitable zone were different for every star, the inner boundary was almost always about half the distance of the outer boundary. In the next few days I am going to be working on validating that this should be true and is not just a peculiarity of the model and equations that we used. In the meantime this means that when changing from star to star in the visual, it might not look like the boundaries are changing, just the axes (shown below).

61 UMaBD-11 3759

Even though these stars have vastly different boundaries(0.7-1.38 AU for star 1 and 0.07-0.14 AU for star 2), the inner boundary is half the distance of the outer boundary which makes the zones look the same unless you look at the axes. Assuming that the inner boundary is supposed to have this property, I plan on adding a button that toggles the radius of the earth’s orbit. This will hopefully add some perspective to the visual so that not every star looks the exact same.


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