Day 17: Microphones

When I entered the studio today, there was already a recording in process. This wasn’t a typical recording session this time, though. We weren’t recording a band or a musician. Instead, we were recording a writer reading aloud his short story. He is scheduled to be on the PBS radio show “This American Life” this Saturday. We recorded his reading for almost four hours straight, without any stopping. The producers of the show wanted the recording to be sent to them completely unedited, so the laptop was recording for almost all of the day without any interruption. The recording of the story had to be very quiet, and we even had to restart a sentence because a jet flew over just as he was reading. 

When he was done recording, we had another session soon after. An artist who has frequented the studio ever since I have started came in today to record guitar overdubs. Jim gave me more freedom than usual today. He told me to pick out what kind of microphone to use, which channel on the recording console to plug it into, and where to put the microphone with respect to the amplifier.

I chose the Shure SM57 microphone to record his guitar, and plugged it into channel 8 of the recording console. I set up the microphone pretty close to the amplifier, and we started recording. The recording of the music sounded pretty good, so I guess I did an alright job in setting up the microphone by myself.


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