Day 24

I was back at Joanne’s today, and I worked on creating some more stenciled and ink printed designs. 

Yesterday I worked on gluing together a 3D collage of sorts, using materials with different textures. 

I had a misunderstanding and though that I would be using this collage like a rubbing plate, and would be apply paint to the fabric while it was on top of the collage. Instead paint was applied directly to the collage, and then it was printed. This difference in what I believed was going to happen resulted in some of the areas of th collage not printing very well, as there were areas with sizable height differences. Below is the print of the top section of the collage. 

After working on this, Joanne showed me how to draw into styrofoam board to get a print. I simply drew the lines of the image I wanted to print, which was my motif, and then rolled ink onto the board. 

The board after 1 print

In the afternoon, I made some more stenciled pieces. In the piece below I used a rubbing plate for the center square, and stenciled the surrounding leaves. 


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