Week 4: Research and Travel

This week at Tu Nidito was all internship because the way the groups are scheduled means that in the 5th week of the month there are no groups. Instead, I continued to do data entry, set new answering machine messages, and did organizational work in our volunteer database.

For my research, I’ve continued to read lots of children’s books about grief. I’ve become interested in what parts of death and grief are metaphorized vs told literally. The metaphors (such as a person “disappearing”) can allow books to apply to children bereaved by both death and serious illness, but can reduce the gravity and specificity of the story. Walking that line is going to be difficult, especially because I am writing for a middle school audience that is slightly older than the younger kids that these books are targeted towards.

Today, I am traveling from Tucson to Portland ahead of my time at Camp Westwind, where I will work with (mostly) non-bereaved kids in a more academic setting. I’m really looking forward to it, especially as my confidence in working with kids as grown tremendously in the past months of group facilitating.


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