Chance gets a second chance

The last week has been hectic because I’ve been trying to train Chance the black pit bull. He is EXTREMELY energetic. He Is about a year old and he can run for long periods of time. A problem is that the people that volunteer at the shelter are older people so they don’t like to take him out on walks because he is very strong. When you take him on a walk he will pull and pull on you. The first method that I tried to use to correct him was to put his attention back on me. Chance know what sit means so I used this to bridge the gap  for him to learn a new concept. Therefore, when he would pull I’d stop him and use my finger to point his attention back to me. I’d tell him to sit and use a treat to reward him. He’s listen for a while then I’d he started to get used to it and he’s do it automatically (what we want), so when I stopped he’d just sit down. Then he started getting tired of listening and he wouldn’t react to the treats anymore. He listens to all the construction sounds going on. Another thing I noticed about Chance was that if he hears something he gets protective, so he’ll come and sit at your feet like a guard dog.

Later on this week I tried working with Chance again. When I’d go to the door and he’d be way to excited to go anywhere. I payed fetch with him and other games so that he can get a little bit tired. Next, I had him walk around the play area with his leash on and walking at my pace. He was doing pretty good like he wouldn’t tug and he would maintain eye contact. When you’re training dogs you always want them to look back at you for guidance. I put him in the little cage before going outside but he wouldn’t focus on me. I improvised and I’d open and close the door so that he could get used to it and not get over excited.  I did this until it didn’t phase him anymore then I opened the door to let us out. Chance was a breeze on the leash. He wouldn’t pull when we were in grassy patches. Which was major improvement in his behavior. The problem is that when we went across the street onto dirt he’d get bored and he would lose focus. He wanted to escape and drag me everywhere, so I took him back and that’s the next obstacle for Chance.



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