Day 25

Over the weekend I pieced together the top of my quilt in preparation for quilting it today. 

The quilting process had a couple of hiccups, as the machine kept stopping because it thought it detected an obstruction. However the process went well overall. 

Next I will have to bind the quilt, which will give it a finished edge. 

I was also able to see the completed prints from the eco printing I prepared (Day 18). The prints are interesting, and are very much earth toned.

Wool printed with onion skin
Silk printed with rose leaves and tea


2 thoughts on “Day 25

    1. Yeah, I do. I think it would definitely take a couple of days of prep work, but the process would be manageable. The most difficult part would probably be boiling the fabric in the water, but a system could probably be worked out. It would certainly be a fun process to learn in the classroom!


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