Day 34- Animated

Day 34- Animated

Quote of the Day: “FaceBindingsController? That’s the weirdest name for a script I’ve ever heard” – Alex

Music of the Day: Was it from an 70’s/80’s band? I probably listened to it. To name a few- Styx, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, The Who (fine, The Who are more 60’s. Sue me), 80’s Metallica, Foreigner, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Heart, The Rolling Stones, Rush, and many, many more. Also had a lot of John Williams come up.

I started today by exporting a  Unity package of all of Timmy’s stuff and putting it on the server to be downloaded onto the main computer and then uploaded to Steam with the next build. Unfortunately, neither Jeremy or Alex were here yet,  and I didn’t have anything to work on, So I did some research on some college plans I have.

Jeremy and Alex did eventually get here though, and I was all ready to watch Timmy be implemented, but alas, not quite yet. As a matter of fact Jeremy had actually made animations for him, but they weren’t implemented yet. Or, to be more precise, they were implemented but not working. So I went in to find out why. And it took me maybe 10 seconds. No blame goes to Jeremy, this wasn’t his project and he added the code in in passing, but it was still quite amusing. Basically, he told it to start an animation when the ability was called (so the shoot ability when it shot and the jump when it jump smashed), then told it to turn off when the ability was on cool down. Problem is, the ability goes on cool down immediately after it’s triggered. So the animation was told to turn on and then off again in the space of a tenth of a second. Moving the call to a coroutine (you may remember those from a while back, basically they let you call something with a delay) let me wait to stop the animation until after it was done. Easy peasy.

I hit a few snags with timing, and one very annoying one where the fire gummy shot method was being called twice (you can call methods directly from an animation. Very useful for timing, very frustrating if you’re like me and didn’t know you could do that), but within 30 minutes I had Timmy fully animated and ready to go. I’m downloading the new build with our updated GUI right now, and then I’ll stick Timmy in. Once that’s done, we’ll be ready to send the build to Steam tomorrow! Very exciting.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You can count on pictures of the new interface on Wednesday. Until then!



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