Week 4: Part 0, What Was and What’s Next

It’s been three weeks since I have gotten a blog post up. Today is the night before I go back to Camp Westwind for a three week tenure, and I’m the farthest from packed I can be. Since getting to Oregon I’ve had to fix my car twice, buy a new computer (hard drive failed on the first and I lost every single unedited photo I had), I’ve counselled for a week, and I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun actually experiencing the state and starting my project. Because I took an extremely large amount of photos on my way to Oregon, it’s been difficult finding the time to get those edited while dealing with the other ways I have been spending my time, either by necessity or choice. For that I apologize, and it has been taxing on me to not have this post up and completed yet. A lot of things have changed the past three weeks, including potential plans for my project, and that is okay. Now that I have most of my photos edited from the major stops I took along my trip, I am going to write my Week 4 blog post as separate parts, spacing out my trip and the photos that come with it. After that, I will cover my exploration into Oregon itself, some crazy stories (like actually), and my project for Westwind, which begins tomorrow.

After writing the above statement, I quickly got into writing about my journey through Arizona. As I did that I just realized that I did not have any of my Arizona photos on my new computer due to my old computer’s hard drive being a dying pile of garbage. Despite the fact that I have practically all of my Idaho photos edited, and most of my Oregon photos edited, I don’t actually have all of my Arizona photos edited yet. Luckily I didn’t wipe my SD card, so I was able to recover everything from the trip. I have all of my photos from the Arizona trip edited except for a few really cool lizard shots I absolutely have to share! Utah is a lot less fortunate on that front. I need to go to bed tonight because after having already driven at 4:30am this week (stay tuned for the story), I don’t want to repeat driving with similar circumstances regarding my drowsiness. It’s not safe. I’ll explain that all later, I have a lot of stories to share, but until then, enjoy this sneak peak at what’s next in the coming blog posts!

Arizona (Plateau Side-Blotched Lizard)

Poor Utah is still missing in action 😦

Thank you everyone who is reading for your patience, I appreciate it so much!

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