Week 7 and 8

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. This blog post will include both week 7 and week 8.

Last week and this week was another great week. I met a new Medical Assistant who will be a permanent MA for the office and I also met Dr. Dyson’s medical school student. She gave me some tips and insight about medical school, which was very interesting!

These last two weeks were composed of more shadowing, meeting new patients, and learning about more pediatric care topics. I was more of a help to the doctor this week, grabbing anything he needed while he talked to patients. My favorite patient visit was with a little baby boy named Jack. He came in for his monthly wellness check and all he wanted to do was jump up and down. I was able to hold him and play with him! Meeting and interacting with patients has definitely been my favorite part of the internship so far, and it has definitely gotten me interested in pediatrics!

Last week, I also met up with Mr. Judson, my advisor, to discuss my research paper and presentation. We discussed the topic that I will be researching and presenting, so now I need to begin my research! Hopefully, I will have a few updates on my progress next week. I only have about 2 weeks left of my internship, and it went by so quickly. I hope everyone had a great experience as well. I will update next week and hopefully have made a lot of progress on my research! Thanks for reading!



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