Day 26 

In order to bind my quilt, I went and worked with FASA member Peggie. The first step in the process was to trim the excess batting(the fluffy material inside a quilt) and backing off the quilt. After that I cut strips of the backing to use for the binding. The binding strips I used were 2.5 inches wide, and I had approximately 300 inches of strips cut. The strips needed to be made into one long strip, so I sewed the ends of the strips together as in the picture below. 

I sewed across the diagonal green line that I marked, and then trimmed the excess off each seam before pressing the seam flat. I then had to fold and press the binding strip in half . I learned a trick to make this easier: place a pin into your work surface that fits the height of fabric that you want. The fabric can then be pulled through the opening that this pin leaves to ensure that your fabric is consistently folded. 

Once the binding strips were ready, I sewed them onto the edge of my quilt top. At the corners of the quilt I had to create a fold of fabric that will create an even corner later.

The corner flap is visible in the upper right

Next I retrimmed the excess off the quilt, leaving about a quarter of an inch of batting behind. What I have to do now is fold the binding to the back of the quilt and hand sew it into place. I’ll keep you updated! 


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