Day 18: New Instruments

Today was a normal recording session. There was a musician who had recorded earlier for another band in the studio. He was recording for someone else today. Instead of playing the guitar like last time, he played the pedal steel guitar, which has an interesting sound of its own. The music was similar to that of the bluegrass/roots genre.

We recorded over three songs, and took an average of three or so takes each song. All of the pedal steel guitar was improvised, and so we just had to pick and choose from the best takes to put it into the song, wherever it sounds best. The session took until midway through the afternoon, just about a few hours to get everything sounding the way it’s supposed to.

Once all of the recording was done, we spent the rest of the day mixing the newly recording sounds into the song itself, making sure that the levels of the steel guitar weren’t too high or too low at certain points in the song.

It was a busy day overall, but it was a good way to start out the week.


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