Day 35- I’ve Run Out of Timmy Titles

Day 35- I’ve Run Out of Timmy Titles

Quote of the Day: “Everyone just came in because it’s Taco Day”

Music of the Day: Green Day. Had “Youngblood” stuck in my head all day yesterday so I figured I’d just play their entire discography.

I came in today and promptly realized that I didn’t have a whole lot to do, so I went thorough and fixed a few minor bugs and such. Then I decided to add a couple of minor features for Timmy, namely to put a message up on screen when he spawns and when he dies, since we’re not giving him a picture or a nameplate (much to my dismay). This was pretty simple, as the code already existed for powerup pickups. Basically, when you hit a powerup, a little message pops up on the side of the game to tell you who picked up what, like this:

On The left.

So I did the same thing for Timmy, but even easier because I didn’t need to take in a player number. Timmy spawning is not specific to a single player, he’s kind of a global event if you will. Here’s what it says:

*Insert maniacal laughter*


Yes that is a burrito wrapped in bacon. And yes that is as delicious as it sounds.

After I got back I took some pictures of the new HUD, as promised. here they are:

Main Menu
Level select. The background Image changes based on what level you’re hovering.
Character Select
Mode select. “Control” is the new in-the-works mode
Level start menu
Pause menu. We should be changing “Unpause” to “Resume” soon. Hopefully.

Then I just kinda played the game for a little while. I hadn’t experienced it purely as a player in a long time, and it was refreshing (and way more challenging).

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Here’s an (admittedly very bad) joke I made up: What do you call a cold donkey?



A Burrrrrrrrrrrrro.



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