Day 36- The Great Merge

Day 36- The Great Merge

Quote of the Day: “This girl likes rocks” – Alex

Music of the Day: Not a lot today, moving around too much.

I started today by making a small fix with Timmy and the black hole (that sounds like the name of a children’s book). Because Timmy is tagged differently from normal enemies, he needed his won conditional checks for the black hole behavior. And since the black hole does a lot of physics based stuff, and we’ve already gone through the variety of issues that Timmy has with conventional physics, I basically made it so that a black hole just kills him. The likelihood of a) spawning Timmy, then b) rolling a black hole off of a random powerup while he’s still alive and c) having him close enough to actually interact with it is so low that I figured it would be an interesting Achilles heel Easter egg. With that done, Alex gave me a new task.

So basically, in the new mode players can capture spawn points and have gummies spawn allied with them, as I’ve mentioned before. Alex had most of that working, but there was no code to actually let a player capture a spawner. That’s what I started working on, using the resurrect code as reference (it works in a similar way, where you basically “capture” your friend’s corpse to make him alive again). In the most layman terms I can describe, because it’s actually really frickin’ complicated and hurt my head, and I’m the guy who programmed it: there’s an invisible sphere around each spawn point that looks for players and gummies inside its radius. If there is one player within the radius, it starts a 10-second timer. When that hits 0, the point is given ‘allegiance” to that player, and then spawns allied gummies until it changes allegiance. However, for each allied gummy inside the radius with the player, a tenth of a second is taken off of the timer. So if you have a mass of 50 gummies with you, it only takes 5 seconds to capture. But, if any other player OR gummies that are aligned with another player enter the sphere, the capture is cancelled and the timer is reset until the conditions are met again. It adds some strategy to the mode, so if you see an opponent capturing a point you can redirect your allied gummies to that point to delay his capture until you can get there or send reinforcements. The mode is really starting to come together.

Then came The Merge (as the title suggests). Basically, Alex, Jeremy and I all had parts of a bunch of different projects that we had individually been working on over the course of the past 2 weeks or so, but it was all localized to our separate computers. So we needed to merge everything together onto one computer, then replace the builds on the other two with the new master build. It was a long arduous task of moving files onto and off of the server, onto and of of flash drives, and the 3 of us swapping out on the computer to link all of the new stuff together. I was very grateful to have a rolling chair, and I did indeed skate across the floor back and forth quite a few times to cross-reference on my computer. After about 2 hours, everything was hooked up and we began the process of updating the other 2 computers. Hopefully tomorrow or early next week we’re going to hook up GitHub, which is basically a better versioning software than the one we used to have. That way everything will be cloud-based, and we can just download new changes when we start working and upload anything we’ve changed when we’re done, no USB sticks required. It will be very nice.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! We’ve got a lot of really nifty stuff in the works, I can’t wait to get it all implemented. hopefully it will be done before the end of April, when my project ends. Although, I might actually end up working here over the summer (for money this time), so I can continue to develop the cool stuff.


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