Day 19: A Late Start

Today, I came into the studio at 1pm. A band was scheduled to record in the afternoon, making it my second full band session. The band consisted of a guitarist, bassist, and drummer. I helped bring in the drum kit from the van and set up all of the instruments, and we were ready to record.

Most of the time was spent setting up everything. It took about an hour or so to get everything perfectly where it needed to be. It was no fault of the band, or anyone in particular. Setting up this kind of project just takes a lot of effort, especially when the band wants the recording to be done in a specific way.

Recording this band was a little more complicated than usual. Instead of wanting to all play together in the same room, they wanted to isolate each instrument in order to get a more clear sound from each. The drummer was in the usual recording spot, the bassist was in an isolation room, and the guitarist/vocalist was in the control room.

Another slight complication was the amount of microphones used to record the band. To record the drums, we used ten microphones to record every piece of the drum kit. We used about thirteen microphones in total, and there were cords everywhere.

The band was loud, and they were great. It was a lot of fun setting up all of the microphones, and working with another band.

This is what all of the microphones on the drums looked like.



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