Day 37- Git Gud

Day 37- Git Gud

Quote of the Day: Any sentence containing the word “Git.” There were many.

Music of the Day: Nada. Worked with Alex most of the day.

Today Alex and I sat down and worked through the new enemy spawners together for hours. We were trying to get the formations to spawn and move as intended, and add a bunch of other features to make the new game mode feel fun and unique. When Jeremy got here, he finalized some things for the build and then the three of us had a discussion about what we all needed to be working on. Without going into too much detail, our timeline had gotten a little bit messed up, and our initial plan from a few weeks ago had gotten slightly fudged. So we came up with a new plan for the coming weeks, and I will probably talk more about it on Monday. As a side note, we also found a version of the game online, translated into Chinese. It looks very pirated, but the executable available also looks suspiciously like a virus. We have yet to download and try it, and I’m not sure if we even will. but, on their (also very sketchy looking) website, it got a score of 79/100, so that’s pretty cool.

I then worked with Alex on starting to get GitHub set up. We didn’t get Git working, we have to get more Git research done and get some resources before we get it fully ready to use. Get Git get git gitgitgitgetgit. That word no longer has any meaning to me. Anyways, hopefully stating early next week we’ll be able to have a cloud-based, branching versioning software so that we don;t have to do the USB-server-download flip-flop we’ve been doing to move files all of this week. Then I went in and was on the Angry Skull livestream for a little while to show off Timmy on the new build. The video link is here if you want to check it out (1:33:00 is a good starting point. The guy playing is Jeremy): And yes, i do look like a total dweeb.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Have a great weekend, and I’ll see most of you at Prom.


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