Library Anxiety and Student Outreach

Library Anxiety and Student Outreach

This week I continued my work on the VOP project and finally have a good draft of an annotation. Hurray! The biggest challenge of this project is figuring out the names of artists. Thankfully google existed and I was able to make educated guesses at spelling to which google was like “no, this is the person you’re looking for” and that worked for most of them. Now I just have to have Emily, my advisor, review it and it’ll be complete.


I also had some interesting readings this week about library anxiety among students. I thought it was most interesting that many university students, especially freshmen, are hesitant to ask for help from librarians. Many students still seem to believe the old stereotype of a old lady who shhh’s you. This isn’t the case. In both of these readings, librarians are actually concerned that students aren’t asking for help because a main component of their job is to facilitate research. So my fellow seniors when in your university’s library ask for help! It’ll make your life so much easier.


Emily presented to a class this week about how to use the UA library to efficiently find resources and also how to find creditable photo resources online. While Emily and I had gone over this before it was a nice review. To make me practice Emily gives me the citations of the articles I need to read that week and then I have to find them in the library database. So far I’ve been using Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA) research database or JSTOR the most. In addition, I was introduced to audiovisual & digital preservation this week through AV compass. It has several short informative videos on it’s website. You can find it here:


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