More Data Visualizations

Today we were going to meet with Dr. Karalidi, but she was busy with some other stuff so we did not get the chance. Instead I took the opportunity to display our data in another way. What I did was plot the temperature of the star vs the inner habitable radius, outer habitable radius, and both at the same time. What these plots showed was that there is a pretty strong correlation between the temperature of the sun and the distance of the habitable zone, although there are some outliers (my guess is that they are hot stars, but are quite small, so their habitable zone is still close. This also leads me to believe that the radius of the star is more important than the temperature). By plotting the two boundaries together, I show that when the temperature of the star increases, the ratio between the inner and outer boundary stay roughly the same as I noticed a couple posts ago. I repeated the same procedure with the radius of the sun, and found similar results to those of the temperature.

Also, I finally got the program uploaded to a site that allows applications. You can download it from:!Fqw3QbLR!STHsQYGtyNvF_DJu6V3zrw



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