Week 4 Part 2, Utah – Beeline North and No Parks, Still Amazing


***Please allow ample time for this post to load, the photos are very large***

As I usually do, I will be blending photos taken with my real camera and photos taken with my phone to show my journey. I will make a note of which were taken with my phone and which are supposed to be taken more seriously.


Onwards we drove from Lake Powell, through my favorite extreme southern Utah town, Big Water, to the outrageously noteable Kanab. Renowned for its multiple gas stations, Kanab is a central hub in extreme southern Utah. (It’s just a basic town, we filled up gas there.) For the most part, the initial drive into Utah was fairly interesting. I saw migratory animal fences to keep the deer and other animals from getting ran over on the roadway. This made a lot of sense considering the insane amount of deer that we passed by (especially in Idaho) during our travels north of Arizona.

Phone photo of some cool cliff faces a little ways outside Kanab, Utah

The above photograph was the first area where I saw these fences, and you can just barely see them in the middle of the photo just before the edge of the bushes. Pretty cool stuff I think, way to go deer protectors of Utah wildlife!

Phone photo of where we stopped next. The sign says no trespassing without permission. I would love permission to trespass!

From then on we basically drove through a series of beautiful half-snow-covered hillside passes, then drove between Zion and Bryce, eventually making out way to a beautiful valley of nature reserves and farmland. My spontaneous pull over and take every picture imaginable juices kicked in, and I got some great photographs of old farm shacks and the surrounding mountains. Before taking any of these photos I noticed some odd things running around in the nearby open dirt area past the gate. Much to my surprise, it was a family of Prairie Dogs! They made all kinds of cute noises and entertained me for the next five minutes. Having never seen any in the wild, this was quite amazing to me, despite apparently being common in the area.

Not the best photo, but they’re so cute! I wanted to trespass without permission, but I didn’t feel like breaking the law today.

After being entertained by these actually quite large critters, I proceeded to snap away at the surrounding landscape.

First photo I got while checking the Prairie Dogs out by the edge of the road
Multiple image panorama of the same scene, but without the stuff that keeps crazy people from driving off the road.

Facing the other direction, I moved on to smaller and better things.

This super cool farm shed is what made me pull over

Love me some small shack in the middle of beautiful countryside. My mom and I joked that we could make a book of just these types of photos, because there were so many good opportunities in the area!

A panorama of that same shed from a different angle with the cattle pond in front!

This several image panorama was my favorite shot I got from the area. The lighting got better as the sun began to set, but because of the angle, the raised road casted a big shadow over the entire foreground. It was ugly and disappointing, like most pictures I take. But there’s always a gem in every photoshoot, and this was definitely that gem.

Photographing the shed scene. Not the best job by Great Clips with my neck hairline, but it was better than the last one for sure! It was lopsided before 😦

After thoroughly photographing the shed, I moved on to seeing what other cool pictures I could get from the area. Gotta love lone groups of trees in the middle of fields, or at this point, lone anything really.

I love how the snow contrasts with the golden glow the grass. I would love to see this place in the early Summer when everything is green!

The moon may not exactly be in a field, but it definitely counts towards photographing appealing lone objects.

After leaving this area, I drove around the mountain I first photographed when I was near the prairie dogs, and was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it was.

Phone photo of our drive leading up to the mountain pass
Phone photo taken while driving through the valley heading towards the mountain pass

Eventually I started driving up the steep slope towards the top of the pass, and out of seemingly nowhere I was slapped in the face with one of the most beautiful vista’s I’ve seen while driving. I’ve seen some really cool views, but never ones like this just casually driving places. Below are some photos I took after I pulled over again and darted over to the other side of the road to catch the fading light on the mountaintops!

This was the most stunning vista, though you could see the entire valley we drove through below!

The above photo was a panorama of the most stunning portion of the view. I love the way the haze glows in the sunset! My favorite part about this photo session had to have been the development of the airplane condensation trail over the mountains, as it was perfectly positioned for a great composition.

This is easily one of my favorite photos I’ve taken this trip

I don’t actually remember how I got the above photo, considering I was on an elevated slope overlooking a valley. It looks like I was in the valley when I took that shot, but I wasn’t. I was actually getting my feet wet and muddy in the pull-off below.

Phone photo of where I photographed the mountain vista
Phone photo of the road and the other side of the valley

After a successful (and cold) photo session, I decided to continue on through the mountains, as well still had a painfully long amount of driving to do.

Phone photo of our view driving out through the mountains
Phone photo of some cool cliffs once we started getting out of the mountains. I love it when sunsets paint the rocks orange!

We covered most of the state once we got on to I-15 at the junction below this rock formation. It’s not the best photo, but I liked the way things looked when I was busy snapping photos out of my car with my camera.

The calm before the storm (I-80 the monotonous)

Unfortunately, this is where the photos come to an end. Shortly after I took this we sped on to I-15. It was the first time I’ve been on a highway with an 80mph speed limit, but not the first time I’ve been that last. Apparently its that high because if you speed even just a little bit the red and blue lights quickly follow.

The following days were disappointing, except for the lone bright spot when I scored on a really nice jacket at the Sundance Outlet Store, where Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog sells their overstock merchandise. The hotel was absolutely disgusting, the food wasn’t notable, and we didn’t do a whole lot that night and the next day. However, the trip over was more than enough to compensate, and it was about to get even more cool once we started our drive to Idaho!

Speaking of which, stay tuned for Part 3, an exciting adventure through the nuclear wastelands, stunning mountains, and snow-covered lava fields of Idaho!

As always, thank you for reading, and I appreciate your patience as I continue to roll out new stories about Week 4’s adventures!



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2 thoughts on “Week 4 Part 2, Utah – Beeline North and No Parks, Still Amazing

  1. I love the sense of scale created by the lone shed/moon/trees/etc. Very Ansel Adams! The vertical landscape with the con-trail is so unsettling. I hate it and love it at the same time. It’s such a violent, man-made slice through a picturesque scene. But balanced out by the lone tree at the bottom…it weirdly works. Curse you Daniel! 😉


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