Day 20: Problems in Recording

Today was another late start, and the same band came into the studio to record. Everything was still set up from yesterday, so there was no need to spend any time worrying about microphones or anything like that. The drummer didn’t like the original sound of his snare drum, so he brought in three more to find out what kind of a sound he wanted. We tried out all three snare drums, and finally found one that worked.

When we were finally ready to record, the guitarist turned on his amplifier, and that’s where the problem began. The amplifier made a buzzing sound that was almost as loud as his guitar, making it nearly impossible to record a good sound from that. We spent a while trying to figure out what the problem was, but could not figure it out. Unplugging and plugging in different cords did not seem to help, so instead of using the amp, we bypassed it and recorded directly into the recording console.

Once the problem was fixed, we were able to begin recording, and we got a nice sound from what we had, despite all of the problems with the guitar.

Here are better pictures of the chaos that is all of the cords and mics involved in recording just the drums and guitar.




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