Week 9

This week was another interesting one! I was able to actually be involved in asking patients and their families questions that are required to be documented in the chart. I received a list of key facts and questions to ask, and I marked them off on a sheet of paper that would be scanned into the patient’s chart afterwards. For example, I would ask if anyone in the family smoked and if there were any guns in the home. I would also explain to the parents of newborns not to shake the baby, not to prop a bottle, and if they had guns to keep the bullets separate. This allowed me to have a more hands on interaction and experience with the patients.

Next week I will be working in the doctor’s office as well as working on my presentation and research paper. I still have a lot of missing pieces to figure out, but hopefully I will have it all together by next week. I think next week will be the last week of my internship, but I will update you all on that later! Thanks for reading!


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