Week 9

This week I attended a brain imaging data analysis workshop that my professor was teaching. The class was in the main library of the U of A; however, I kind of got lost while looking for the room before the class actually started. I finally found the room and the workshop began. We were using the computers inside the library because the computers already had a software called VMWare Workstation downloaded on them. The goal of this workshop was to generate a seed-based connectivity map of the posterior cingulate cortex for three subjects and then perform a group-level analysis across all three subjects. My professor emailed me a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to complete these tasks and I tried following those instructions carefully. The instructions were very clear; however, I personally am not that good with computers, especially with data analysis, so I got lost on the way. While performing the first subject’s data analysis, I messed up at one point so I had to start over; however, I finally finished running the first subject’s analysis and got the pictures we were supposed to get.

I was supposed to repeat these steps for the next two subjects; however, another Professor helped me learn more shortcuts with data codes and analysis to help me get through the patients’ data analysis much faster. She also helped me learn more tricks with inputting data codes into the computer along the way. These are pictures of the results from the patients and some of the data codes I had to input to get the results.


The below image is a picture that showed data points for time series of PCC for the first subject.SAM_3558.JPGSAM_3559.JPG

The next day, I met up in the Professor’s office again and had our usual meeting. Today, however, Mark explained to us the experiment that he and Professor Chou were going to conduct soon with patients. While reading articles and discussing them in the office the past weeks, I did hear a little bit about what they liked about each experiment and how to make it better for their own experiment. He explained to us what they needed to do to get ready and how we can help in the Fall of this year. Also, the TMS machine shipped in that week so that was also exciting news, although we are not ready to use it yet. After the meeting, I sat down with my professor and we went over the questions I had about tables I made of all the articles I read that had to do with depression since I will be writing a research paper about it.


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