Day 40- Prepare Yourself

Day 40- Prepare Yourself

Quote of the Day: Nothing

Music of the Day: Started with some J. Geils Band to honor J. Geils, then moved on to Shinedown/Metallica. And Alestorm, who’s entire shtick is heavy metal time-travelling zombie pirates. They’re awesome.

I am livid. Much of the reason I am livid cannot be put on this blog because it would be very unprofessional, but suffice it to say that I am really, really pissed off. I will however try to describe what I did today as best (and non-lividly) as possible.

I started today without much to do, so I spent most of my time working on my presentation. Then I had a delicious lunch of street cart tacos/caramelos (god I’m gonna miss caramelos when I move to Salt Lake). Then I was informed that there were a ton of bugs on the current build, many of them to do with powerups. now, be forewarned this is about the time of day when the lividness ensued, so I’m going to have to tip-toe around all of the details, but suffice it to say this: modularization was being scrapped. And to make things worse, Git is having a temper tantrum and throwing around errors. That’s it for today.

After some very recent events I am significantly less livid and now just mostly frustrated. Anyways, congrats for making it this far, yada-yada. See you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 40- Prepare Yourself

    1. Nothing to do with programming. I have no problem being frustrated with programming because that’s how programming is. This was a completely different issue.

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