Day 21: Making Music is a Process

When a song is recorded, it is not the end of the process. Today was a great example of that. The day was spent doing the mixing process over again, but I got to experience this process from a different perspective than I have before.

Last week, I was there at the studio for when a band wanted to record a pedal steel guitar into a few of their songs. Today, we worked on those songs, making sure that all of the levels of the steel guitar weren’t too overpowering.

It was an interesting experience mixing today. I still had the tune of the song stuck in my mind, and I knew how the song was supposed to sound, more or less. Usually, when I am there to witness the mixing of a song, it’s to mix a song that I have never heard before.

I know that once a song is recorded, it’s not the end, but I have come to realize that from a different point of view now that I have witnessed the process of recording to mixing first hand.

At the end of the day, four songs were mixed, and the beginnings of an album were made, as all of the songs set to be on the record were finalized just before being mastered.


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