Day 22: Take Two

The guitarist from the band that recorded last week came into the studio today to finish recording his guitar parts. He wasn’t happy with the way that the guitar sounded on the recording last week, and so he came in today to redo those recordings for all of the songs.

He sat in the control room, while the guitar amplifier was out in the recording area. His amplifier had a setting in which it could produce a stereo image sound, and so to enhance that through the recording, we set up two SM-57 microphones on both amp speakers and had them facing away from each other to get a unique sound out of both.

Over the course of the day, we were able to record a lot, and the sound of the guitar was better than what it had been before. About four or five songs got the improvements today. There would be a lot of moments when the guitarist had to redo a part because either he knew he could do better, or he knew he just messed up.

The songs were greatly improved by the new sounds, and he and his other bandmates should be in tomorrow to do the same for their instruments. They may even completely redo a whole song if they decide their take isn’t perfect. It just goes to show that even though a song is recorded, there may need to be a second look at it to make it sound the way it’s supposed to sound.


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