Day 23: More Guitar

The same band from last week continued to work on recording their songs. The last time, only the rhythm guitarist recorded overdubs to his parts. Today, the lead guitarist recorded his parts. The new rhythm sections were placed into the mix, and so he was able to continue working over the newest stuff.

To create a similar effect on his guitar as the rhythm, the guitar amplifier was mic’d up in the same fashion, with two SM-57 microphones facing away from each other on either speaker. The guitarist preferred to work out in the recording area instead of back in the control room. He was using a Fender Stratocaster guitar, and used different effects on his guitar to contrast the rhythm guitar.

We were able to record the lead guitar on about four or five songs. The bassist did not come into record any overdubs, so at this point, all that is fixed up is the guitar parts and the drums for the most part.

The songs all sounded great with louder guitars and better takes of everything. It took a long time to get everything right, but so far, the guitar tracks for this band are sounding great, and I’m excited to see what other recordings are in store for the future.


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