Day 42- The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

Day 42- The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

Quote of the Day: “And there it is!”- Alex, seeing his Git update pushed onto my computer.

Music of the Day: Shinedown, The Hives, and of course, Metallica and Wolfmother

Today started pretty slow, as I came in later than normal (sleeping in is nice). First on the list was the addition of respawning to control mode. Basically, when a player dies, we want them to be able to come right back after a couple of seconds of penalty time and be able to continue playing, but unlike the existing respawn for versus mode, we don’t want it to be stock-based (stock based means dependent on a preset number of lives, you die with no lives/stock left, you lose). Thankfully, since the code for respawning is already implemented for versus mode, all I had to do was duplicate and slightly alter the functionality for control mode. That done, I added the new menu system to the control mode level so that we could navigate to/from it, and then used my now-working Git client to push those changes into the cloud so that everyone else now has them.

Then I went and had a health lunch of Burger King. Sue me I left my actual lunch at home. And then I began on the next mini-project/feature: randomized music. The way it was, every level had a single, 3-minute song that wold play on loop for the entirety of the game. For me, not a huge issue since I usually muted the game and played my own music, but you can see how that would get really annoying really fast. So I made a script that randomizes the next song every time the previous one ends. Right now it only includes the original 5, but we have a massive library of music that we can add at any time. It was not without it’s trials, especially because any scene to do with the menu has it’s own specific music, so I worked a lot with if checks and the DontDestroyOnLoad Function to ensure that music was only playing when it should be. This is one of those times where me explaining what i did in detail would a) probably lose most of you, or b) if it somehow didn’t, bore you half to death. It’s a lot of very very specific logic pathways. So I will spare you the details. And with that I was ready to head home for the weekend, but not before backing up those changes that I made. Git may be working now, but I am still slightly untrustworthy, and we have almost 3 terabytes of server backup space, so I may as well back things up for the next few weeks, just in case.

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! If you do use Steam, the Endless Space (awesome space RTS) collection is on sale for a dollar… down from its normal 35. Pretty great deal. If you’re not a big gamer, have a good weekend!


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