Week 10

Last weekend I finished up the binding of my quilt, which took approximately 12 hours to attach by hand. This process was definitely tedious, but I am happy with the results! This week I was originally scheduled to work with Peggie again on my quilt label and on rust dyeing, however she had a change in her schedule and was not able to work with me. Instead she offered me instructions for how to make and apply a quilt label, which I completed on my own. I first tried to embroider my label, which is my name and the year, with my home sewing machine, but the machine decided it did not want to work with me. Instead I typed up the same information on my computer, and printed it onto iron transfer paper. I then ironed it to a piece of pink fabric, and stitched it on to the back of my quilt. I will not be sharing a picture of this as it contains my full name. And with this label, my quilt is officially done! I am excited to have finished off my first full quilt. 

Over the course of this week, I also worked on writing my presentation, and I have all of my materials and information written out. My next step will be to compose my slideshow presentation, and then get to practicing! 


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