Day 43- Gitting Musical

Day 43- Gitting Musical

Quote of the Day: “Look at this pretty nifty thing I found” -Alex

Music of the Day: Seeing as I just finished the Main story line of The Witcher 3 last night, I thought it fitting to listen to the soundtrack. Again. Yknow what, here. Just go give it a listen:

You can also check out the cinematic trailer “Killing Monsters” if you want, but WARNING, it is an M-rated game, and the trailer reflects that: 

All of this is here because I love that game to death and I don’t want to spend today’s post just gushing about it, so I’m trying to curb my writing about it a bit. If for some reason you do want me to gush, literally just mention the game to me any time you see me and you will be in for the whole of my praise.

I worked a bit more on the Music Manager today, adding in the rest of the game’s music from the server. Until now we’ve only had 6 tracks, one for each level and then the title screen music. But we had another 30 songs stored off on the server ready to be implemented, it was just never a priority. So I added them in. It was a long wait while Unity imported them all (audio files tend to be the biggest and take the most effort to convert to unity’s audio system, so importing 30 of them took its toll), but after about 20 minutes I was ready to get down to the nitty-gritty. A.K.A, adding in all 30 of those to the Music Manager object. It was another of those tedious “copy something 30 times then drag and drop each song in” things. Took me a little while but I eventually got it. However, we did want to retain part of the original behavior in that we wanted each level’s “theme” to still play as the first song, then randomize after that. So I added that extra functionality, and tested everything out. Worked great, it was nice to have a change of music for once. I then wanted to check it out on levels besides couch, and… well I hit a snag. But not with my code.

Every time I would try to load a different level, the console would just explode into red text. Errors everywhere. And non of them seemed to make sense, all of the scripts were working fine and error-less, I had no idea what was causing the problem. So I decided to check out the level, see if there was a missing asset or something. Turns out.. well I’ll let you see the picture first:


See how there’s nothing there? Including on the left? That would be bad. Very, very, very bad. As in “Holy $#*%, the entire level is just gone?!?!?!???!” bad. Now, thankfully, I wasn’t too worried, because one of the nice things about Git is that it lets you revert to an older merge whenever you want, without question. So I knew that if all else failed, we could just bump the project back to an earlier version and be fine, albeit having to recreate anything from beyond that point. So when Alex got here we started looking into it, and found the issue pretty quickly. Basically it seems that somewhere in transition, the files for an older build were deleted manually off of someone’s computer, instead of from within Git’s repo, so when the changes for the project were pushed onto the cloud, git thought that all of those files needed to be deleted, and did so next time we pulled from the server. The solution was exactly what I mentioned above: a revert. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go back far, just to the end of Friday. Now unfortunately, this meant that the Music Manager wasn’t updated with the new songs. So guess what I did? All of that again. And then it wouldn’t push, because the Intern PC is having problems getting along with Git, so I’m probably moving to a different PC tomorrow. And because it wouldn’t push, my changes aren’t on the cloud build now, so i get to manually recreate them. Again. On the bright side though, that should be the last time I ever have to do that.

If you’ve made it this far, it means you weren’t playing The Witcher 3, so no congratulations are in order.



2 thoughts on “Day 43- Gitting Musical

  1. Yea, quite a bit. If you look up actual gameplay footage it’s pretty close to photo-realistic as well. Quite impressive.


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