Week 6: Self Esteem

This week at Tu Nidito, we are reading the book “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” It revolves around the idea that everyone carries with them an invisible bucket that is filled when others do nice things for them and emptied when others are mean to them. Here’s the catch, though: when you do something nice for someone else, it doesn’t only fill their bucket; it fills yours as well. I have distinct memories of this book from my elementary school, so it was really cool to see how the Tu Nidito kids reacted. Despite the length and relative simplicity of the illustrations, “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” really kept their attention, and they all really grasped the idea behind the buckets.

After we read the book, we talk about things that fill and empty our buckets. Then, the activity this week was to write “warm fuzzies” on provided pieces of paper. They are short messages intended to fill others’ buckets. The kids can write them to anyone – their family, friends, or fellow Tu Nidito group members. At least one warm fuzzy, however, has to be to themselves.

Because I spent a week at Westwind, I have only seen this week’s curriculum in one group so far, but in that group it went really well. The facilitators wrote warm fuzzies for all the kids which got everyone engaged in the activity, and the kids were soon writing them to each other. We spent a good half hour chilling together writing the notes, and even ran out of paper to write them on (our group coordinator was more than happy to provide more). By the end of the night, one kid adorably exclaimed, “I feel like my bucket is so full that I had to go to the dollar store and get two more buckets!”

It was a good week.


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