Day 24: Tune Up

We started the day by recording some vocal overdubs. A singer from a local folk band came into the studio to fix the vocals from a live performance. The band is set to put out a live album soon, but the vocals sounded off. We took three takes, and added them all into the song. The singer was recorded in three different spots in the recording area in order to imitate the live sound again. We only worked on one song, and with that, the first part of the day was finished.

In the afternoon, the guitarist and bassist from the band we’ve been working with came into the studio to continue their work on recording overdubs. The bassist, however, was only there for moral support, and did not record any bass lines.

The problems with the original takes was that the guitar came out of tune in the middle of the songs. There were a lot of tuning problems with a couple of guitars, but we eventually found one that didn’t have any immediate problems with tuning. Once the guitar was tuned, we were able to get a lot more progress on recording music.

Today was a day full of recording, and full of great music once again. It was definitely a busy day.


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