Weeks 6-9 Update

As I can now describe more regarding my project and the process that I have been through I will provide an update as to what I have been up to for the past few weeks!

During Weeks 6-9, I completed my survey which I based off of previous studies that have been completed. During these weeks I worked hard to obtain responses from the BASIS Students which was more difficult than imagined, but a great feeling when accomplished! I also read through more articles and studies to truly gain a better understanding for myself about Social Anxiety.

In all my research these past few months I have learned more than I initially thought possible regarding what one can go through and deal with when suffering from Social Anxiety. This has helped me to better realize that when we are talking in our daily lives to our peers, colleagues, friends, and family, we often do not know everything that they are going through and the obstacles that they face daily, this makes it ever more important for us to be kind to one another and be respectful of everyone’s feelings.

As I am working on my paper and presentation now, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to share everything that I have learned as well as have the ability to share all the statistics I have not been able to share so far.



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