Audiovisual Surveying & Access Research

Audiovisual Surveying & Access Research

Hello again, this week I did more work with AV surveying. It’s a really interesting project.  I’ve discovered that some boxes are heavier than others hence my work station being spilt between a desk and a cart.




Because this isn’t content I can actually show stuff in the archives. Like above is a 1/4″ reel-to-reel audio tape. Essentially I’ve been going through boxes and checking the conditions of these types of objects.


This is what it normally looks like when I open the box. I have to open every one of these enclosures. And for each type of audiovisual material I have to fill out a different survey. It usually takes me 3 hours to complete 2 boxes…it’s a very slow process.


But then of course I find what I’m looking for and I’ve suddenly helped the CCP create a list of priorities for preservation work. Above is an example of why you should never put tape on something you want to keep for a long time. Gross right?

My favorite part of this project is similar to why I like stocking stuff at work, it’s a big scavenger hunt!


In addition to the AV survey, I had a meeting with the exhibit preparation staff to talk about how to safely mat my artwork for my upcoming artshow (Saturday, April 29, 5-8 pm, Studio ONE…shameless plug). After being in an institute where the safety of photographs is really important I could no longer stand to put rubber cement on my pieces (AKA why I waited until now to mat my pieces) so this conversation was super important to me and not something I expected of my internship. I knew this internship would give me more experience in research and conservation but I just wasn’t expecting it to help my practice of photography as well. So that’s just a cool bonus that I thought I would share! I now use the filmoplast P 90, which ironically is a type of tape but it’s passed several preservation standards so it’s good for matting.

I also got my workout in this week by going around collecting brochures on the various resources at the UA. This gave me examples on how to address the student body in my brochure for the CCP. It also made me aware that the UA is both a lot bigger yet a lot smaller than I thought. Confusing? Yes, yes it is.




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