Day 46- Present

Day 46- Present

Quote of the Day: “Feels like I’m hammering this” -Alex, on a gross-feeling keyboard.

Music of the Day: Lots of Green Day and Ghost.

I came in today intending to buckle down and get as much done as I could (this week is going to be super hectic, as it’s the last week of my internship plus I have volleyball practice/games every day this week, and have to get my presentation done), and of course almost immediately ran into problems. I have a ton to do this week for MiniBotz, and of course Git decides to be uncooperative. SourceTree, one of the clients we use to grab changes, had an update that needed to be installed, and after doing so the entire UI layout had changed and it couldn’t find the project anymore. I didn’t panic, we have 2 other clients installed on each computer, but both GitKraken and Tower couldn’t find the path to the repo anymore, so I was starting to get a little frustrated. So I moved over to the intern computer, which seemed to be functioning alright, and pulled changes and everything fine. But when I opened up the project, I immediately was greeted by a giant red wall of error text. I had seen what it did once before, but that didn’t mean I knew how to fix it. Basically, it had duplicated a one script within itself (There were 2 full copies of all the code inside one class), and I didn’t know which was them more current. Last time this had happened it had been because 2 people were working on it at the same time, so they each had a different copy put in with their individual changes, but not combined. Basically, deleting one of the 2 copies would delete someone’s work that wasn’t in the other one. Wonderful. But no big deal I thought, I don’t need that script right at this moment.

Of course, nothing can ever be that simple. There was another script also having problems, this one a much more important script. Git had added a bunch of “=” and “<” in random places, along with deleting and moving bits and pieces around, enough so that I didn’t want to mess with it and accidentally break it more. And I didn’t want to work on something else in case my pushes moved the broken scripts to everyone else’s projects. So I was stuck on my own with a bunch of broken things that I had no idea how to fix. Wonderful start to a busy week. I put a description of what was happening on Discord and waited for Alex to show up. On the plus side, this large amount of down-time gave me a good opportunity to work on my presentation, which needed it. Badly. I was able to get a bunch more pictures and get it to a much more, well, presentable state and then was able to run through it for practice a couple of times. When Alex got here we started troubleshooting Git and got it to a (hopefully) functional state. I might be moving computers tomorrow though (again).

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Volleyball tournament is Thursday and Friday (I believe it’s at OV but if not I’ll update it tomorrow). Come out and watch!


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