Desert Museum Week 5

Finally, we get to the actual drawing! This week was mainly drawing, drawing, drawing, and more drawing, as it is every week, but this time I actually got to work on the comic itself! There wasn’t much going on at the Museum this week, so this was my main activity throughout the week.

First things first, supplies. After doing some research, I decided on getting smooth Bristol paper to draw on, it cost around 10 dollars for a pad of  24 11 x 17 inch sheets. Thankfully, I already own inking supplies so this should be my only cost in regards to this project. From that, I cut the sheets into 8.5 x 11 pages, as is standard size for many comics.

I made the mistake of assuming my process would be quick, easy, and straightforward.  I initially planned to do all my sketches first, then move onto inks. Unfortunately, that did not pan out. While doing sketches I often would get stuck on page and compositions. I would realize an image wasn’t working, and tried to think of a solution, but couldn’t discover one and I would just move onto other drawings. Some parts I realized could be more easily completed in digital, so they were just left unfinished. I ended up with many pages half done in sloppy pencils and half done in finished inks.

I discovered a few things as I drew these. the first thing I learned was that while doing life drawings of animals was definitely very helpful, I still needed to rely heavily on photo references when I didn’t have the actual living creature on standby. There were a lot of little details I just couldn’t draw down when I was drawing live animals, and while I feel my comic drawings are definitely stiffer as a result. It’s unfortunate, but it was the only solution.

Lastly, everything took much longer to draw than I thought it would. I had assumed I would be halfway done with the chapter at this point, but that was not the case. I may have gotten a bit too detailed with some of the artwork, I originally planned to do the comic with much simpler art so I suppose I underestimated the amount of time art would take. Overall, I’m satisfied with the art so far, but it’s taking me much too long. I don’t want to sacrifice quality, but I’d also like to pick up the pace.


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