Stress and Social Anxiety at Home PART 1

In this post, I wanted to discuss stress and social anxiety at home. As BASIS Students, we have the unique opportunity of beginning our lives at BASIS as early as first grade, but in my scenario, fifth grade. And if this study and future studies place a large importance on the growth of an individual in a high-stress environment we can see the different effects it has on the students versus students who attend BASIS until the eighth grade and transfer to public school or a student who joins BASIS in the eighth grade. For my specific project, I am looking mainly into how life at home truly shapes the behavior and mental health of a student. Please take caution when reading this that I am just giving examples based off of a text-book scenario this is not based on my life or anyone that I know off.

We have all read about the so-called “helicopter parent” or the “tiger mom” the parent or guardian of a child that lays down the law and makes sure they have heavily involved in every little thing that their child completes or participates in. Or there are the parents that are completely “hands-off” believing in the fact that the best way for their children to learn are by working hard on their own and learning from their mistakes. There are also parents in the middle, I’m not here to say what is the best way to parent a child, just that in each scenario no matter what place on the spectrum you are on, there is an effect on the child and it is not always negative.

Continued in next post….




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